Manual butt fusion welder for pipes 1" IPS - 5" IPS (32 mm to 160 mm). Leading fixtures are the restricted weight, minimum overall dimensions and versatility. Featuring: a machine body, two clamps, an extractable electric milling cutter provided with a safety micro-switch, an extractable heating plate (with an independent thermometer to see the real working temperature and an electronic thermo regulator “Digital Dragon” with display), a locking device that helps the operator to apply the necessary welding force and two lateral supports (on request). The machine is designed to butt fuse tees, ells and other fittings.

- Job site manual welding machine
- Lightweight, minimum overall dimensions and versatilità
- Working range: Ø 1" IPS - 5" IPS (32 ÷ 160 mm)
- Power supply: 110 V and 230 V
- Milling cutter provided with a safety micro-switch
- Electronic thermoregulator “Digital Dragon”
- Fuse a variety of fittings

Accessories available:
- an optional 2 wheels stand/trolley for easy transport;
- lateral pipe supports



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