- Working range up to 4" IPS
- Manual socket fusion tool for pipes/fittings
- Welders PP-R, PP, HDPE, PVDF
- Available in two version:

               with a fixed electronic thermostat  TE
               with a electronic temperature control TFE

Ritmo introduces its range of manual socket welders with new electronic temperature control TFE, for jointing pipes and fittings by means of socket fusion. The new feature on this control system is the guarantee of safety allowed by a self testing acoustic alarm, which informs the operator when working temperature has been reached and warns about potential problems, by shutting off the welder. Thanks to a control system guided by a microcontroller with algorithm PID, combined with a platinum sensor, the reaction to external temperature variations is quicker, allowing a safer, more precise and reliable weld. Ritmo TFE socket welders are manufactured according to safety and welding regulations in force, and are the best choice for the building site.
- Sound signal
- Flash signal
- Electronic temperature control with microcontroller

All models are composed of:
- Socket welder
- Fork support
- Bench vice
- Allen wrench
- Pin for sockets & spigots
- Carrying case in electro-painted steel
- Sockets and spigots (male/female)




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