DELTA 630 TRAILER is a self-aligning fusion machine, suitable for welding thermoplastic pipes for the transport of water, gas and other fluids under pressure, up to Ø 24" DIPS

Clamps: open/close, lock/unlock
Heating plate indexing: left/right, in/out
Facer indexing: left/right, in/out

- Working range: Ø 8” IPS ÷ 24” DIPS
- Materials HDPE and PP 
- Data logging incorporated
- Electronic control Easy Life
- USB data report
- GPS traceability
- 4000 memories
- Large graphic display
- Welds pipe to fittings/stub-ends between 3rd and 4th clamps
- Inserts with smartlock, fast locking/unlocking
- Chassis removable from 4-wheeled trolley
- Two lateral rollers can be operated by electric drill   
- Chassis designed to be lifted by forklift

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