Rerounders for plastic pipes: products for the jobsite. 
The mechanical thread of these steel-made products help remodel the ends of ovalized pipes that need to welded by electrofusion. 
The manual clamping of the tool stems pushes the ovalized end till its reshaping respects the ovalization range required by most standards, therefore allowing its insertion into an electrical coupling - and avoiding the cost of eliminating a good pipe.  

The 3 rerounders cover the following diameters range:
250-400 model for OD from 6" IPS to 16" IPS ( 250 ÷ 400 mm);
450-560 model for OD from 16" DIPS to 22" IPS (450 ÷ 560 mm);
630-800 model for OD from 24" IPS to 32" IPS (630 ÷ 800 mm).
Each one of them is sold separately, with a steel transport box. (For model 450 - 560 and 630 - 800 steel case with 2 wheels).


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