These are professional tools for bevelling the ends of plastic pipes up to Ø 10" DIPS or 315 mm, that will be inserted into electrical couplers or plug-in joints. The SME 1 and SME 2 PLUS bevelers are made in a special Aluminum alloy. The special shape of the blades and the non-stick coating (PTFE) of the walls, allow a quick and easy bevel of the pipe. 

Working range:
SME 1 from Ø ¾" IPS to 5" IPS ( 25 ÷ 160 mm)
SME 2 PLUS from Ø 1¼" IPS to 10" DIPS ( 40 ÷ 315 mm) 

Material: HDPE, PP, PB, PVDF, PVC
- Beveler body with blade

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