This is a self-aligning machine, suitable for welding pipes for the transport of water, and other fluids under high pressure, up to Ø48” IPS (1200 mm).

DELTA 1200 can weld fittings such as elbows, tees, wyes and stub-end. This is possible because the 3rd clamp can be anchored to the 1 st and 2nd (movable) and slide along with the pipe.

The fitting must be locked in the 4th clamp. Stub-end with a short neck can be welded with the help of a stub-end holder (on request), applied to the clamps.

- Working range: Ø 28" IPS to 48" IPS (710 - 1200 mm)
- Extractable heating plate with separate thermometer
- Milling cutter with safety micro switch
- Electrohydraulic gearcase with a clamp opening and closing lever
- Hydraulic hoses with non – drip quick couplings
- Thermoregulator for the control of the working temperature


- Machine body trolley
- Tool for flange necks



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