DELTA 200 M is a manual butt fusion welder for pipes up to Ø 200 mm (6" DISP). Leading particulars are the restricted weight, minimum overall dimensions and versatility.
Featuring: a machine body, two clamps, an extractable electric milling cutter provided with a safety micro-switch, an extractable heating plate (with an independent thermometer to see the real working temperature and an electronic thermoregulator “Digital Dragon” with display).

The Digital Dragon is an high precision electronic thermoregulator (± 1° C accuracy) with digital display and regulating buttons. This new system includes Led indicators to check if the machine is working normally (live tension and working temperature), contingent probe’s failures and/or temperature anomalies. DELTA 200 M has a locking device clamps - aligner that helps the operator to apply the necessary welding force.

- Machine body
- Heating plate with digital electronic temperature control
- Milling cutter
- Milling cutter/Heating plate support with
pre-insulated bag for heating plate

Clamps’ inserts from
Ø 2” ÷ 6” IPS; Ø 3” ÷ 6” DIPS Ø 63 to 180 mm;
Trolley for machine transportation and support

Working range
Ø 2” IPS ÷ 6” DIPS
Ø 63 ÷ 200 mm

For other materials contact RITMO S.P.A.

Power supply
110 V Single Phase 50/60 Hz
230 V Single Phase 50/60 Hz

Total absorbed power
3000 W (110 V)
3000 W (230 V)

Working temperature
180° ÷ 280° C
356° ÷ 536° F

Outside temperature range
-10° ÷ 40° C
14° ÷ 104° F

Weight machine body
66.1 lb
30 Kg

Dimensions machine body
20.8" x 19.6" x 43.3"
529 x 499 x 1100 mm

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