ALFA 1000  is a workshop welding machine designed to fabricate fittings by joining pipe segments, with the help of special jaws. 

Elbows  Ø 400 ÷ 1000 mm (16"  IPS ÷ 36" DIPS) 
Tees - Crosses - Wyes Ø 400 ÷ 800 mm (16"  IPS ÷ 30" IPS)
  Composed of: 
- A machine body with two hydraulically controlled carriages
- A control panel that features the CNC system, thanks to this would eliminate any risk of error due to the operator. The CNC incorporates a data-logging that can store up to 4000 cycles. It is possible to download the data via USB slot
- A Teflon-coated heating plate with hydraulic movement (in/out) on spherical bearings guides
- A milling cutter with hydraulic movement (in/out) on spherical bearings guides, operated by an electrical engine
- An upper cylinder, to be positioned on the jaws, for welding extra thick pipes and/or whenever it is necessary to apply high pressures.
- Machine body with control panel CNC
- Elbows jaws Ø 1000 complete with inserts from Ø 400 to Ø 900 mm
- Heating plate
- Milling cutter
- Upper cylinder and service tools
- Wyes - Tees - crosses jaws Ø 800 mm inserts from Ø 400 to Ø 710 mm  

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