Self-aligning hydraulic butt fusion machine, suitable for welding underpressure pipes for water, gas and other fluids up to Ø 10" DIPS (315 mm).

Delta Dragon 315 B, thanks to the machine body configurations, is able to weld fittings like elbows, tees, Y - branches and flanges necks. Available in the 110 V and 230 V versions.

- Working range: Ø 3" IPS to 10" DIPS (90 - 315 mm)
- Compact design for easy in ditch use
- Body machine with two working position: inclined or horizontal
- Electro-hydraulic unit
- Electronic thermo regulator “Digital Dragon”
- Milling cutter with safety micro switch
- SMARTLock inserts
- Lateral pipe lift aids in loading and unloading pipe


- Machine body trolley
- Tool for flange necks
- Attachable pipe rollers



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